Scholarvein is a circulatory system that brings scholars to the next level of contribution. Supported by an established IT system and professional team, we bring transparency in every step of the scientific forum and process. One of the prominent services is the “Integrated International Conference Management and Operating System” (including the Pre-During-Post phase) that already served >2000 scholars around the globe.

Scholarvein Conference Management and Operating System (CMOS) has many features to help university/organization to held a conference in a effective and efficient ways.

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Customize the Conference with Our Feature

Customize your event option such as: conference name, date, venue, conference chair, and registration fee. Fill the event template in the system easily.

Review Process and Journal Recommendation

Integrated paper submission process.

Scientific Blind paper review.

Support Administration

Time response inquires (max. 1x24 hours).

Scholarvein team will monitor the registration progress and maintain the system.


  • Create and Manage Conference
  • Management and Monitoring of Participant/ Author
  • Global Marketing Support*
  • Admin Support
  • Payment
  • Review
  • Publication Support
  • Conference Document Support


  • User friendly with clear instruction
  • Monitor & Track registration status of Paper Submission
  • Direct and Secure Online Payment
  • Download Conference Document (LOA, Invoice, Review Result, Payment Receipt, etc.)
  • Upload PPT presentation files
  • Check the Publication Status

Online integrated system


Supported by established IT system and professional team. We bring transparency in every step of scientific process and forum.

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